at Harry and Eleni's for New Year's Eve

at the beach

Christmas 2004

at the restaurant Foreign Cinema in San Francisco

Paul and a Rothko in San Francisco

Charlie, Tom and Bertie Guard

testing the depth of puddles while driving a dirt road to hot springs during a Thanksgiving holiday in Mexico

There is Dargermania in Mexico

The Mercado de Mariscos in Ensenada

Paul and brother Pete

zee Gachots: Paul, Pete & Richard

the Cheech

After a nice day at the Huntington Gardens & Library with Paul and Richard, we stopped for Pastrami at The Hat

Gazing at Diana at the Huntington Library in Pasadena

On Nov. 11, in a most unlikely space, Paul put together an amazing gallery show from the winners of the 2004 Wraparound Photo Competition

DJ Hollander put music to the Wraparound evening under the lights

Cap'ts Pissgums and Fatima

Aye -- learnin' ta use thee didgy cam

Swashbucklin' El Floridta

Abby and Joe

Johannes, Eleni & Harry

Gavin, the lady & Peter

Amanda & Paul

The view from Paul's

Shira in Philly

The Lighting Emporium in Philly

The Antfarm exhibit at the ICA

Mom at the Nasa Visitors' Center in VA

Bern's fish

Paul and Gunter's pregnant lady creation

Watching debates with Bob's 1972 artwork in the background

big underpants outside the johns

Paul and Jonathan

Paul and Ms. Tree

Hank and Laura

Sarah and Laura talkin' trash

In and Out Burger