PHOTOS chronologically
Part One: NYC, arrival 3/24/05

Ben by Franks!

Paul with his brother John.

The gorilla at Tim & Eric's Adult Swim party looking at his photobooth pictures.

Joe's Shanghai!

Joe Sweeney and Paul.

Becky and Matt

A Pimm's Cup at Employees Only

Paul in front of a mortuary painted by Damien Hirst

Sarah in front of a brain pan painted by Damien Hirst


Part TWO point fIVE: Back to NYC -- MoMA

Kyra at the MoMA

Paul & Sarah with their Francis Bacon monkey.

Mr. Gachot under the Francis Bacon umbrella.

Mrs. & Mr. Gachot.

The weather in NYC.

Mrs. & Mr. Gachot.

Meanwhile, back in Old Westbury...

Mr. Gachot's art in the Ice House.

Paul as a kid with his brother Richard as a kid below.

Art by Mr. Gachot.

Art by Paul Gachot.

A Tiger in Old Westbury Gardens.

Paul's childhood bedroom.

Part THREE: Philadelphia, PA

Dad painting at his easel (computer-ly).

Bug day at Sarah's sister Hanna's school (she's the cicada in red on the right).

The Cy Twombly room at the Phila. Museum of Art -- the Iliad in energetic scribbles.

Meats at the Italian Market in South Philly.

Fishes at the Italian Market in South Philly.

More fishes.

Sarah's dad and Margareta with a ghost at Mr. Martino's Trattoria in South Philadelphia.

Sarah and sister Hanna.

Counter-clockwise from lower left: Margareta, Becky, Shira, Matt, Paul, Sarah, Hanna and Phil Wms. at Mr. Martino's.

South Philly

Paul's spankin' new shoes, South Philly style.

Margareta, Dad, Hanna and Sarah.

Part FOUR: Greenbackville, VA (near Girdletree and Horntown....)

Mom Williams.

Bern, who lives with Mom.

Paul's EXCELLENT dinner at Wright's Seafood

Sarah's dinner at Wright's -- the fried oysters tasted like salty jelly donuts....

More of Wright's

A small wild horse in Assateague National Park and Seashore

A medium sized wild deer at the same place

Us at the same place.

Lunch at the Bay Witch in Greenbackville.

Sarah and her mom.

On the way outta town.

The diner on the man-made island on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Finally, we got some real plates for the car...

Part FIVE: Charleston, South Carolina

Dinner in Charleston, S.C., at a rooftop restaurant.

And the sunset over Charleston.

Part FIVE: Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, is really beautiful.

Part SIX: Cumberland Island, Georgia; Pop. 30-ish

The half hour ferry to Cumberland Island, Georgia. That's Mitty Ferguson, great great great grandson of Thomas Carnegie.

The Greyfield Inn.

The photo on the far wall is of the 22 mile long island.

Nap time.

Dinner time.

This is the main road on the island.

Our first alligator.

The Baptist church on the island.

A wild horse on the empty beach -- 22 miles of empty beach.

My new pet armadillo.

Part SIX POINT FIVE: heading toward New Orleans

A very pretty view outside the Island View Inn, Lanark Village, FLA.

And a cute room....

In a cute cottage....

With a shower from HELL!!!

Navarre Beach, FLA.

Aye! Even better tags be gotten!

Waiting for my Dairy Queen cone, somewhere in Louisiana.

Part SEVEN: New Orleans

Mile 2000!

A great Zydeco band at Turtle Bay.

The Audubon Zoo.

Felix's Oysters.

The Saturn Bar.

Walking through the Ninth Ward.

Lighting experiments at the Dragon's Den.

Part SEVEN point FIVE: Cajun Country

The swamp cruise.

Feeding an alligator raw chicken.

Our host, Black Guidry, playing a homemade accordion.

Paul at Bon Creole, where we had....

Crawfish galore!

Part EIGHT: TEXAS -- on the way to San Marcos

It took passing about fifteen million Waffle Houses, but I finally got Paul to go to one in Houston.

In San Marcos, Paul's sis-in-law, Carole and niece Anouk.

Ella Gachot, Anouk Gachot and Sarah. It was a fashion show/dance party.

Paul, sporting the fashion of the night.

A picnic next to the river -- that's Ella presenting Alamo history to Paul's brother Richard, Carole and Paul.

The river picnic'ed next to...

Mermaid Anouk.

Mile 3000!

The hotel in Marfa, Texas, at which we stayed.

Paul gazing out over Donald Judd's lands -- the Chinati Foundation, at which we conducted our own little tour. Marfa is known for this arts organization/exhibit.

Another gallery in Marfa. Those are Dunkin Donuts lids.

Part NINE: New Mexico

Our first camping night near Carlsbad Caverns.

The mouth of Carlsbad Caverns.

The bowels of Carlsbad Caverns.

It took about 2 1/2 hours to explore around down there.

And later in the day, White Sands National Monument was expansively amazing -- sand that looks like snow for miles.

Our next trip took us through this amazing storm -- clouds falling, sun, lightning....

... slush balls hurling down on the car -- this is with the wipers on super high speed. At one point we couldn't see ANYTHING but slush bullets zooming down on us.

And then there was a rainbow.

And that's the other side of the storm.

Our next camping spot in New Mexico -- Faywood Hot Springs.

This is they.

Those are the hot springs tanks. And, as you can see, clothing was optional.

Part TEN: Arizona

A pit stop in Flagstaff at the Monte Vista Hotel.

But we stayed that night in Sedona at the Healing Center of Arizona. This guy kept Paul up all night.

By this point Paul's decided to just stop wearing clothes.

Climbing up to Cathedral Rock in Sedona, which is one of the vortexes there.

Paul's getting his inflow, feminine, vortex energy.

Bustin' up the Sedona scenery.

Arcosanti was on the way to our next stop -- it's an architectural ecological living community experiment by Paolo Soleri.

El Dorado Hot Springs in Tonopah, AZ. That's a side of ribs in tinfoil on the fire.

The campgrounds during the day. One of our pleasures while visiting was watching a nudist fixing his tractor for a few hours. The tractor was called the "Ditch Witch". No pictures of these springs since this one was no clothing allowed.

Next stop: Tucson. Just an interesting mosaic building.

And the best curtains in the world, according to Paul, at our hotel, The Hotel Congress.

More Congress.


Saguaros and such.

Part ELEVEN: getting home


There were SO MANY bugs near the Salton Sea.

Outside of Bob's, around midnight 4/20/05.